New Apple MacBook Pro 2022. Everything You Need To Know

Apple has taken the world of technology by storm as soon as they introduced their new iPhone 14 lineup in September. However, it seems like Apple is not done yet and is contemplating another great addition to end this year on a high or maybe start 2023 with a strong foundation. 


Apparently, as it seems, Apple is working on developing new 14 and 16-inch versions of their MacBook Pro module. It is confirmed that both variants will either attain the M2 Pro silicon chipset or the M2 Max. They guarantee a more effective experience whilst bringing in a powerhouse of performance capability. Let’s expand and further dissect Apple’s new venture. 


Not many changes in physical brilliance should be expected as Apple is looking to keep both 14 and 16-inch variants the same as in 2021. That’s because, with 2021’s lineup, Apple did make a significant change in design. And the tech giant usually keeps up with the same design for years.

The current MacBook Pro models contain an aluminum unibody design that is much flatter than the previous models. The black mandatory keyboard is accompanied by a speaker grille on the left and right-hand side of the keyboard. 


As already briefed above that Apple wouldn’t be looking to change much with the design, we can expect them to cause chaos within the inside of the MacBook Pro. It’s being reported by many sources that Apple is keen on using M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets as a part of their new MacBook Pro models.

It is further depicted that the M2 Max chip will comprise up to 12-core CPU and a 38-core GPU. Both are significant upgrades from the M1 Max chipsets. M2 Max will also have 64GB of unified memory. 

Potential New Features 

Whenever Apple starts working on and developing a product, rumors definitely follow. Similarly, some sources have reported that Apple is planning on developing OLED screens for all of its future devices. That also includes the new MacBook Pro variants.


However, at the same time, many sources have claimed that this technology isn’t to be released until 2024. Some rumors are suggesting the inclusion of Face ID in the MacBook Pro models. These are not confirmed features but are potential to look out for. 

Is There A New MacBook Pro Coming Out In 2022?

The most recent variants of MacBook Pro remain the M1 Pro and M1 Max 14 and 16-inch variants that Apple released in October 2021. Despite them being over a year old, Apple is clearly not looking to create any hype regarding the new laptop.

Although the development process of the MacBook Pro is confirmed and we could see them getting released in the early stages of 2021. This was also supported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.