Is Chocolate Gluten-Free

The road to a gluten-free diet is full of challenges. Identifying the right type of food requires a lot of focus and determination. 


Sugary products are always up for debate when it comes to gluten-free edibility. Especially chocolates take up most of the conversation. Many chocolates are made up of certain ingredients that might contain gluten in them. 

What Is Gluten

Gluten is a structural protein that can be naturally found in grains. 

A lot of people face issues while digesting food that contains gluten. Subsequently, foods that do contain gluten can cause many side effects in the form of diseases. Celiac Diseases are the most common. People may also develop Gluten Sensitivity that leads to several other health issues as well. 


People who have Gluten Sensitivity may face issues like gas, nausea, and bloating. Gluten can be seriously troublesome for these people. 

Is Chocolate Gluten-Free?

It goes without saying but pure, raw chocolate – that is extracted from roasted cacao beans is gluten-free. Although only a set number of people opt for pure chocolate as it’s a lot different from normal chocolate. Pure chocolate tastes far more bitter than normal chocolate. 

Many high-end brands of chocolates in the world use gluten-free ingredients. They make chocolate with simpler ingredients such as cacao beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. All of these are gluten-free. 


On the other hand, everyday brands use many ingredients while making chocolate. They easily add 12-15 ingredients and some of them wreak gluten. It’s advisory that you carefully check the packaging of the chocolate as it might be containing high amounts of gluten. 

Stay Vary Of These Products

It can be said that pure chocolate is entirely gluten-free but some products contain additional ingredients that are highly rich in gluten. Products that improvise the taste and texture of chocolate might be guilty of containing gluten. 

Any sort of crispy chocolate bar should be checked before consumption. They contain barley malt and wheat which are agents of gluten. In addition, chocolate bars that contain cookies or pretzels should be looked over by gluten avoiders as well. Also, stay variety of baked items made up of chocolate. Cakes and brownies often contain wheat flour – another ingredient rich in gluten. 

To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of some ingredients that possibly contain gluten. 


Barley Malt

Brewer’s Yeast




Malt Syrup

Graham Flour


Malt Flavouring

Rye Flour

Malt Extract


Wheat Flour