Outdoor Adventures In The United States

Outdoor adventures come in all shape and sizes. Consider this list as your bucket list for unique outside adventures. These gems take a lot of planning and and those you can do with a passion with loads of memorable moments between them.


These adrenaline filled adventures will get your heart racing, and a great way to bond with your loved ones. Also if you’ve wanted to go to these adventures but never found the confidence, giving it a try at these popular locations will overcome your hesitations.

Most of these adventures require no skill and are safe for beginners, while some are required experienced adventurers.

1. Flying an aerobatic plane- Las Vegas, NV

Getting a great view of Vegas is thrilling in itself, but pulling Gs in an aerobatic plane takes sight-seeing to whole different level. For the full experience, Sky Combat Ace lets you take over the controls of the plane. The pilot mentors you and demonstrates each each skill, then allows you to test your own skills. 


2. BASE Jumping- Twin Falls, ID

Skydiving and cliff jumping all in one. BASE Jumping is one of the most unique thrills you can enjoy. Stood at nearly 500ft above the Snake River, Perrine Bridge is globally known for the adrenaline fueled activity. Unlike other destinations for the sport, this location doesn’t require a permit. Basically the only thing you need is courage, although there are guides provided there.

3. Waterfall rappelling- White Mountains, NH

There are a few more thrilling things than lowering yourself down a rock while being surrounded by a deluge of foamy spray. Waterfall rappelling is often affiliated with exotic locations like Costa Rica, but you only have to travel to the Northeast to experience it. Northeast Mountaineering allows adventurers of all skill levers. Take a hike to the top of a 100ft fall before rappelling down it.

4. Canyoneering- Moab, UT

Known for its best mountain biking in the world, Moab also has amazing canyoning routes that’ll take you from carved sandstone slot canyons to ancient ruins. Red River Adventures offers many guided canyoneering routes. The company also possesses day trips that also combines canyoneering with going down the Colorado River.


5. Climbing El Capitan- Yosemite, CA

Yosemite National Park is one of the best rock-climbing park locations in the word, but don’t have to be Tommy Caldwell or Kevin Jorgeson. This duo made history by free-climbing the 3,000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan.  In addition to the popular 8,839ft-tall Half Dome, there are easier peaks to climb. If you need a guided trip, climbing lessons or equipment rental, Yosemite Mountaineering has you covered.