Julia Fox Net Worth And Movies

Julia Fox is an Italian-born American model/actress/artist who has received fame and recognition from people due to her role in Uncut Gems. She even got nominated for the Gotham Awards for her role in the Benny and Josh Safdie movie. Apparently, she has just not been an actor but a model and artist as well. This has led to her net worth getting hiked up in the past couple of years. 


Julia Fox was 6 years old when she moved to New York from Milan. She started living with her grandparents at a very young age. She has been involving herself in many different projects as of late. Some include podcasts whilst some are movies. 

Julia Fox’s Net Worth

According to Distractify Reports, Julia Fox has an estimated total net worth of $30 million. Fox is just 32 years old yet and having such staggering numbers in the bank account is quite an achievement.

Her first big breakthrough remains her role as “Vanessa Calpelli” in the Uncut Gems. Various pages also entitle Julia Fox as a model/actress/writer/podcast host/ fashion designer. Fox has also published her own book called, “Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour: Heartburn/Nausea and PTSD”. 


She also has a great fondness for flaunting the most fashionable clothes existing. You can often see her rocking those distinct and beautiful looks that only she can carry. Fox is also not shy of showing some skin as most of her dresses are quite short. 

Julia Fox and Kanye West

Julia Fox and Kanye West first interacted with each other in Miami on New Year’s Eve. That day marked the start of a new relationship between the two. Both of them have attended a number of dates since then. The relationship was entirely made public by Fox when she and Kanye were photographed together in a shoot. The photoshoot took place in Fox’s favorite restaurant, Carbone. Fox went on to caption the photos:

It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment.

However, both of them parted ways on February 14 2022 a.k.a Valentine’s Day after nearly a month of dating. Sources close to Fox and Ye stated that both of the artists have decided to stay on the best of terms as friends and collaborators but there will be no romantic edge to their relationship. 


Julia Fox Movies List

Julia Fox has featured in a number of films in the past couple of years. She has worked with the top-billed cast and even the rising stars. Here’s a list of the movies Julia Fox has starred in. 

  • Uncut Gems – 2019
  • PVT Chat – 2020
  • Paradise – 2020
  • No Sudden Move – 2021
  • Puppet – 2022
  • The Great American Mud Wrestle – 2018
  • Salem Midwest Side Story – 2021

Although that’s not the end of her acting career in Hollywood. She is expected to star in some upcoming movies as well. Her role in “The Trainer” has been confirmed and it will release in December 2023. 

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