Julia Fox Tattoos – Meaning Behind Her 9 Tattoos

Julia Fox imminently crashed the headlines with her romantic whirlwind with Kanye West. However, since their breakup on Valentine’s Day, how ironic, the Uncut Gems actress has been making the headlines for her unique and unorthodox fashion choices. Fox wore a string bikini to the Film Independent Spirit Awards and this proved that she is not shy to show some skin. With the talk of showing skin, we can see her minute and rather meaningful tattoos in the best way possible. 


Some of you might already know by now that Julia Fox is not a stranger to showing off her tattoos but she actually has been quiet regarding the meaning behind them. She flaunts them for the cameras or her 1.2 million Instagram followers but never speaks a word about them. It’s quite challenging to predict a certain number for how many tattoos she carries on her body currently. That’s a result of various laser removals she has had over the years. 

Nevertheless, we have broken down each visible tattoo on Julia Fox’s body for you. 

Rib Tattoo

Julia Fox has inked the name “Gianna” right beneath her left breast. That directly points out the relationship she had with her friend, Gianna Valdes. After Gianna’s demise in 2019, Julia Fox went public with this tattoo on her Instagram story and captioned it: “My sweet Gianna would love this.”


Left Hand Finger Tattoo

A cross resides on Julia Fox’s left hand’s ring finger. This tattoo is barely seen in pictures as Fox mostly wears long latex gloves as a fashion statement or various rings. However, she once told the meaning behind one of her tattoos on the ring finger. Fox publicly stated that she has the name of an ex imprinted on either of her ring fingers. She explained how once she was caught cheating. In an interview, she stated: “I went and got his name tattooed to show him how devoted and committed I was.”

Shoulder Tattoos

Julia Fox has ink embedded on both of her shoulders. Her right shoulder contains the word “SANCTI” and her left contains the word “SPIRITUS”. Both are tattooed in color red. This is a Latin phrase that refers to and links to the Christian Holy Spirit. 

Neck Tattoo

This rarely-seen tattoo contains the name “Maria”. The reason why this is a rarely seen tattoo is that Fox mostly lets her hair fly and never pony’s them. She also has a deep fondness for highly tailored collars. Unluckily, the meaning behind this tattoo has never been disclosed by Fox. 


Apart from the aforementioned, Julia Fox has two F-holes that look like cellos inked on her back. She also has an “R” tattooed on her right and a rose on her left forearm. Unfortunately, the meanings of each of these tattoos remained confidential by Fox. 

Where Did Julia Fox And Kanye West Meet?

According to reports and rumors, the two first met on New Year’s Eve in Miami. Both of them have felt the spark since then and have been on a number of dates. The relationship was made public when Kanye and Fox were both involved in a photo shoot at Fox’s favorite restaurant, Carbone. Fox captioned the pictures as: “It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment.”

Unfortunately, as they say, all good things come to an end. Fox and Ye broke up on Valentine’s Day and sources stated that both will remain good friends and collaborators but the romantic edge of the relationship is finished.