Mall Of America Shooting: MOA Goes On Lockdown after Shooter Takes Off

The mass shooting took place at Mall Of America which sends the mall into Lockdown on Thursday afternoon. Police call the shooting an isolated incident.


MOA Lockdown Lifted. Mall Remains Closed

The suspect takes off on foot, police said, and officers are now interviewing witnesses. A suspect has not been located since 5:40 p.m., police say.

It is unclear whether or not someone was injured. Videos posted by witnesses on social media websites show police with rifles responding as panicked shoppers ran for safety.

The shooting happened at 4:16 p.m. local time. The lockdown was lifted two hours later, the mall confirms this on Thursday night.


Witnesses Hear Loud Noises

Witnesses report hearing ‘pop’ noises.

“We were about to go into the Nike store, and we heard a lot of commotion, and then we just look over and just heard a pop, pop, pop,” one of the witnesses says. “You duck and then you run, but while you run you look back to make sure your family is OK. That’s what I did because I was with my family, and I had to make sure they were good. And then we just ran to the closest exit.”  

Two groups argued and then the witness heard several gunshots fired, took cover, and ran. Right after the shooting was reported, police say multiple officers responded to the situation. Bloomington police started tweeting updates at 4:51 p.m. Thursday Videos posted on social media showed cops engulfing the area after the shooting was reported.


MOA Shooting Shocks Internet

Shown by the posts on social media shows the confusion and shock people are going through. Accordingly, many people feel unsafe and insecure going out anywhere.

Mall Of America employee states that she feels unsafe working there. This is the second time she has experienced a shooting at the megamall. Evidently, shoppers and employees both feel unsafe in the mall.

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