Netflix Film That’s Amor Cast

The genre of romantic comedy is popular. In the past, rom-com ruled the box office and launched the careers of many famous Hollywood figures. They have recently struggled financially and have been noticeably absent from big-screen productions to make room for the more expensive fare. Due to this, this noble genre had to find a new home, which is reportedly Netflix. That Amor is the newest romantic comedy to join the Netflix lineup.


What Is It About?

That’s Amor’s plot is about a California woman who left her unfaithful partner. In a culinary class, Sofia meets a Spanish chef, whom she later gets to know after relocating from San Francisco to Sonoma. The narrative follows the main character as she mulls over her romantic prospects and impending destiny.

What Are The Names Of That Amor Cast Members, And Where Have You Seen Them Before?

The cast of That’s Amor consists of Riley Dandy, Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, and Nancy Lenehan. Along with them, all of the important That’s Amor actors and characters are listed below.

 That’s Amor

 Sofia, Played By Riley Dandy:

Sofia is a student majoring in graphic design. While healing from an accident, she goes to Sonoma for a Spanish culinary class. Sofia’s life is irrevocably altered as a result of her encounter with a cook and her education in Spanish culture. Dandy’s acting credits include Kitt Foxx in Vermin Town (2017), Elisabeth Carlisle in The City of Gold (2018), and Maddie Sullivan in Kappa Crypto.


Matias, Played By Isaac Gonzalez Rossi:

Sofia’s potential love interest is a Spanish-speaking male. While visiting his uncle in Sonoma, he works at his eatery. While maintaining his romance with the Russian woman Irina, Matias forges a bond with Sofia.

Rossi’s previous appearances include Anthony in Blood Relatives (2017), Anthony Gross in Murder Among Friends (2017), and Random Guy in I Feel Bad (2017).

Viviana, Played By Arlene Tur:

Arlene Tur plays Viviana, described as Matias’ cousin. She works at El Corazon. Viviana advises Sofia to seek a relationship with Matias. Dr. Vera Juarez from Torchwood (2011), Dr. Bebe Arcel from Crash (2008-2009), Kimi from Lie to Me (2009), Armenia from Eat Pray Love (2010), and Antigone De La Vega from South Beach are just a few of Tur’s acting roles (2015)


Guillermo, Played By Daniel Edward Mora:

He plays a character named Uncle of Matias. He teaches culinary workshops at his restaurant, El Corazon. Guillermo educates Sofia about Spanish culture. Roles in Filly Brown (2012), The Bridge (2013–2014), Band of Robbers (2015), Lucifer (2016), and Coyote appear on Mora’s resume (2016–2017). (2021)

Olivia, Played By Kimberley Drummond:

She is referred to as Sofia’s closest friend. She has a daughter and offers life advice throughout the entire movie. Olivia encourages Sofia to celebrate even the smallest victories. Drummond portrayed Student #4 in the 2011 film We Need to Talk About Kevin. She portrayed Rue’s Aunt in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013). She portrayed Caroline in the 2014 film The Remaining.

The cast of the film That’s Amor also includes Tom Wright, Christina Moore, Bryan Craig, Rose Portillo, Nancy Lenehan, and Suleka Mathew.

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