Netflix Teen Comedy Film “Do Revenge” Review

Do Revenge

Do Revenge has been one of the most eagerly anticipated Netflix films of the year since its official release in July, and not just because of its obscenely talented ensemble, which is made up of stars from the biggest television shows.


The idea of a social misfit and a cruel girl working together to fight back against their bullies in high school is tantalizing enough. It brought back thoughts of earlier, more provocative teen films like Clueless and Heathers, with a Hitchcockian edge.

Check Out The Plot And Cast Of The Do Revenge:

What director-cowriter Jennifer Kaytlin Robinson most deftly appropriates is the plot of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train,” in which a cold-blooded killer convinces a stranger to “switch” murders with him so that the police will believe both crimes were random and make them harder to uncover.

Instead of killing people, the intention, in this case, is to humiliate them. Two high school students whose lives were devastated by con artists intend to swap missions of vengeance in order to wipe out any evidence that could link the crimes to the culprits.


Camila Mendes plays Drea Torres, a student at Rosehill Private School who fixated on getting into Yale. She is the leader of a hive that also consists of Montana, a scholarship recipient who resembles Tracy Flick played by Maia Reficco, Alisha Boe as Tara, and Paris Berelc as Meghan. Drea is rumored to be popular but only afraid, and she has hidden insecurities.

She’s a Mexican-American who struggles with integration and lives in a run-down house, which makes her feel horrible. Despite being tormented by race and class concerns, she was able to work her way to the top of the food chain at a high school with a majority of white, privileged students.

Do Revenge

Review Of The Film Do Revenge:

The film takes its sweet time introducing each character and setting the plot’s framework in motion. The identical story may have been told in a shorter amount of time. But “Do Revenge” wouldn’t be more than a satire without those protracted exchanges between characters as they learn to know one another.


There is no reason for viewers to care for the characters because they are constructions who are so aware of the fact that they are constructs and of the narrative as well. But they do, in part because of the major performances, the direction, and the production’s overall tone of humor and seriousness.

Robinson’s sleek direction, Hillary Gurtler’s vivid production design, and Alana Mors head’s delectably garish costumes place it in the top tier of Netflix movies’ visual quality.

Therefore, Do Revenge provides enough energizing zaps to really make an impression. As one of the better recent entries in a cherished genre, it still offers zingers.

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