Netflix Subscription Cost – Everything You Need To Know

Netflix has easily become the best streaming platform. It is undoubtedly the most frequently used streaming network in the world. 


Netflix offers a wide range of shows and movies that can be watched endlessly with their feasible subscription methods. 

To be fair, Netflix is truly not that ‘inventive’ when it comes down to features and stuff. They don’t offer services like live sports or news like some other streaming platforms. However, it still retains the top spot in the streaming world, all thanks to some of its alluring features. 

Netflix Subscription Plans

Similar to others, Netflix offers the users with three subscription offers. These plans start from $9.99 and go up to $19.99, per month. All three plans include the same content, movies and shows. You’re paying high just for better video quality and more devices that can be wired to one account. 


First and foremost is the $9.99 per month plan. This plan allows you to stream your favourite shows and movies but at a maximum of one device. The video quality on this plan is 480p. 

Then comes the “Standard” $15.49 per month plan. This plan allows you to stream content on two devices simultaneously and its video quality is at 1080p. 

At last there is the “Premium” $19.99 per month plan. This plan allows you to stream multimedia on four devices simultaneously and its perfect for families. The video quality on this plan is expected to be fully 4K. 


However, do you all remember that back in the day Netflix just used to be a DVD by mail service. Well things have changed since Netflix decided to put their primary focus as secondary for a while and focus on becoming a streaming platform. They implemented this decision in 2007. Although did you know that Netflix still offers the DVD by mail services. They never forgot about their roots and still offer the decades old service as it used to be their trademark before it came into being as “Netflix, The Streaming Platform”.