Robert Reich’s Net Worth

Robert Reich, also known as Robert Bernard Reich, is one of the most well-known writers to have been born in the United States. Along with being an author, he also holds positions as a professor at a university, an economist, a political commentator, and a scientist. Robert is, in essence, a man of many skills. He gained notoriety during the years 1993 to 1997 as the 22nd US Secretary of Labor.


His service under the two Presidents, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter is another factor in his popularity. If we talk about Robert Reich in 2021, he has been contributing to various programs as a political commentator. These shows include “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” “APM Marketplace,” “CNN Tonight,” and “AC 360.” 

What Is His Net Worth?

For obvious reasons, the precise figures for Reich’s current net worth are unknown. But it appears that there is some interest in them. Because of this, Celebrity Net Worth calculated that he currently has a net worth of about $4 million, though it’s unclear how the website arrived at this figure.

About His Early Life And Education:

On June 24, 1946, Robert Reich was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the United States. As was previously mentioned, Robert Bernard Reich is his given name. Edwin Reich is his father, and Mildred Reich is his mother. He is the oldest of his parents’ children, and he also has a younger sibling. In terms of Robert’s family, his father ran the clothing store and also served as its owner. Bernard’s mother was a role model of her era and a homemaker.


The name of his younger sibling, an educator named Ellen, is Ellen. From 1950 to 1960, Robert Reich attended the John Jay High School in Cross River, New York, for his early education. He eventually received a National Merit Scholarship and enrolled at Dartmouth College. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in summa cum laude in 1968. Bernard was successful in obtaining a degree as well as a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University College in Oxford.


Robert had a brief relationship with Hillary Clinton while he was an undergraduate. Later, he enrolled at Yale Law School, where he was a member of the class that produced political luminaries like Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

How Did Robert Reich Achieve This NetWorth?

Robert Reich

He is a successful commentator and politician due to his relationships with some notable public figures and his career with numerous prosperous networks. The Next American Frontiers and The Nation’s Work are two books Robert wrote while he was a teacher. He was able to put together such a strong resume that it helped him land the job of 22nd Secretary of Labor of the United States. Robert Bernard began his professional life in 1993. Additionally, he served as Bill Clinton’s employee. In 1997, the four-year journey came to an end.


He resumed his teaching career at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Management and Social Privacy later that year. He was making about $100,000 annually at the time, per a survey. In 2022, Robert Reich earned over $500k annually, and his net worth was about $5 million.