The Claim Dave Chappelle Regarding Daphne Dorman’s Suicide

The third and final segment of Dave Chappelle’s comedy special The Closer is an extended version of the story from Some of My Best Friends Are Trans. Chappelle claims that Daphne Dorman, a comedian, actress, and former software engineer, stood out from the crowd at his small-venue San Francisco performances by being transgender and laughing at his trans jokes. They first chatted after one of his performances, and he eventually asked her to open for him.


Daphne Dorman Defended Chappelle In A Tweet:

In a “hidden ending” to his 2019 special Sticks and Stones, Chappelle discussed his friendship with Dorman. When one of her favorite comedians mentioned her, she was overjoyed and wrote about it on Facebook and Instagram. She defended Chappelle on Twitter against accusations of transphobia. She said You must think of yourself as superior to another group if you want to punch down. Dave Chappelle doesn’t think he’s in any way superior to me. He is not punching upward or downward. However, he is punching the air. He is a master at what he does, and that is his job.

Chappelle Alleges Dorman Committed Suicide As A Result Of Bullying:

 In the final moments of The Closer, Chappelle says, “It took a lot of heart to defend me like that, and when she did that, the trans community dragged that bitch all over Twitter.” “My friend Daphne committed suicide six days after that wonderful night I described to you.” Chappelle claims that Dorman’s suicide was caused, at least in part, by the barrage of harassment she endured from other transgender people. He remarked,“I bet dragging her didn’t help. ” He said, “I’m not sure if it was them dragging or, I don’t know what was going on in her life.”

Chappelle Alleges Dorman

Chappelle Claims Moved Social Media:

The claim that Dorman was bullied into suicide by other trans people has gained traction in right-wing media since the release of Chappelle’s special. It has also moved to serious publications.


Where Is The Proof Of Online Mob Bullying?

Chappelle is leveling a grave charge. It is murder to accuse a particular person or group of “hounding” a person into suicide. Given the complexity of mental illness and self-harm, instances in which the evidence supports such a charge are incredibly rare. What proof is there that Daphne Dorman committed suicide as a result of online bullying by trans people? None. There isn’t any. The wording used by Chappelle suggests that Dorman’s suicide took place soon after she posted the tweet endorsing him, but her post was made in August 2019, and she committed suicide in mid-October, almost six weeks later.

Chappelle is the only source for the claim that Dorman was “hounded to death” by trans people.

Dorman’s sisters, who back Chappelle and refer to him as an “LGBTQ ally,” blame her suicide on PTSD brought on by a difficult upbringing. Dorman struggled with suicidal thoughts for years, according to a friend and former roommate of hers. I don’t know why Dorman committed suicide, and it’s none of my business, she said. What I do know is that the narrative promoted by the ferocious, quickly spreading anti-trans movement perfectly coincides with the story Chappelle is telling.

Does Chappelle mean to imply that transgender people are the reason why trans people have a higher suicide rate?

 Chappelle wants you to take away a lesson that is the polar opposite of empathy. The key is to keep an eye out for trans people, not to be kind to them.