How To Sell Your Own Cars In Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

How to Sell your own Cars in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online


Wondering how to sell your own cars in GTA? Don’t worry we will help you to solve your problem. Many people are stuck in this problem. I assure you that when you will read this article to the end you will get rid of this problem.


People sell their cars to get some decent money in this game. There are other ways to get this money but you can say it is the easiest way to earn money if you have good cars.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Online:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best online games that most people are playing. The game is released in 2013 but you can’t consider it an old game and now people are don’t playing it.

 In the last year, 100,000 players are counting that is playing this game in the whole world. The game has great features and people are yet to try to learn things about this game like how to sell a car. These people helped the game to grow to its peak and they enjoyed the game when they are playing.


When the game is released it is not so popular in the start because most people do not have such kind of computer or laptop that support this game. But many people save money and purchase decent computers that support this game.

This game is an adventure-type game and it is best for beginners who like adventure games. There are few players in the lobby when the game is released and day after day the game is growing and stand out as one of the greatest and most successful release game. After some time of playing this game, you will learn many things about this game and you will know what you have to do in Los Santos or what is not.

In this article, we will tell you how to steal a car, how to sell a car, where to sell a car, and why you have to sell a car in GTA 5 online.

  1. How to steal a car in the GTA game?
  2. Where to sell cars in GTA?
  3. How to sell a car in GTA?
  4. Why do you have to sell a car in GTA?

How to steal a car in the GTA game?

How to steal a car in the GTA game

Some peoples play simple or any series of this game and if you are one of them then you know how to steal a car. You simply have to press F on PC or Computer, press Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PlayStation.

The purpose of these keys is when you are going on an open road and you want to steal a car. You just need to stand near a car and press these keys according to the system you have. After that, your player will throw the driver back out of the car and sit in the driver’s seat.

If the car is empty then the process is the same the player will simply open the car door and sit in the driver’s seat. By selling cars you will earn good money but when you are stealing them you have to absorb the look of the car that how much money it will give you after selling it. There could be a range from $1000 to $10,000 money you will after selling the car.

Remember one thing you can steal every open car that is driven by a civilian but you can’t steal that car on which any other player spends his or her Shark Cards. So, keep that in your mind to not steal those cars.

Where to sell your own cars in GTA?

Where to sell your own cars in GTA?

After stealing an open car from the road now you have to sell it to get some money. The method of where to sell your car is easy. You just need to open the map and find the nearest spray can icon which will lead you to a place where you can sell your car.

If you want an easy way then you can use Mod Shop GPS target through the interaction menu. Once you reach the Los Santos Custom now you stand near the garage and automatically the garage will open. You just need to drive that car into the garage and then you will enter a new menu.

Now, if the car that you steal from the road is damaged you have to repair it and it will result in more money. So, repair your car before selling it. But if the condition of the car is good then you simply need to open the car modding menu through which you will upgrade your car and change its look.

In the modding menu, you see an option of sell prompt, after clicking that option you will trade your car as the result of getting some hard money.

How to sell your own cars in GTA?

How to sell your own cars in GTA

The method of selling a car in Grand Theft Auto is really easy.

Step 1

Open the game and click on the ESC button and the menu bar will open on your screen.

Step 2

Click the online option that appears on the right bottom of your screen.

Step 3

If you are new in this game then you have to create a character first but if you are old ad has many characters then choose one character.

Step 4

Now if you have a car to sell then it is okay if don’t then open the map see the nearest vehicle and steal it from the road. Go to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop and stand near the garage. Once the garage will open drive the car into it and wait for the shop menu.

Step 5

Once the shop menu is open, scroll it and select the “sell option” from there. The option is shown in an online mood, not in the story mood.

Step 6

After clicking on the “Select” option the car condition and acceleration will be displayed on the screen along with the price in dollars. Click “Select” again to confirm selling the car after that the money will be added to your funds.

Why do you have to sell a car in GTA?

Why do you have to sell a car in GTA

If you are a beginner in this game then there are few options to make money online. You can complete the mission and as result, you will get some money. But stealing a car from the road and selling it is the way that you can get handsome money.

It depends on you after stealing a car, now you can sell it or store it in the garage. If you don’t have space in the garage then you will sell it.


The whole article consists of a complete guide of information about how to sell cars in GTA 5. I hope this article will help you if you are a beginner and thinking to start this game. 

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