States With The Highest And Lowest Gas Prices

Energy prices have been ascending recently and this has caused havoc over many American’s. Although not just American citizens but people all around the world have been struck by the extremely high gas prices. Although in the latter half of August, things looked a bit better in U.S. 


After passing on the bill of $5 per gallon, the national average cost for a gallon has dropped down to $4.52, AAA claims. 

However it must be mentioned that prices vary differently in the United States. Some regions enjoy lower prices whilst some pay the highest gas prices ever. Regardless of that, here’s a list of some of the lowest and highest gas prices as of last week in the States. 


South Carolina

Apparently, South Carolina enjoyed a rather low average cost of gas in the previous week. According to the study of AAA, each gallon was priced at $4.02. 



Surprisingly, Texas is among those who have witnessed significantly low average gas costs. An average gallon of gas costs $4.03 in Texas. Although the state is also receiving a budget surplus of $26.9 billion as stated by Lt. Gov Dan Patrick. “Every member of the Texas Senate will have ideas on how this additional revenue should be spent and I will give them full consideration,” He briefed in a statement. 


Just a cent over Texas, Georgia witnessed average gas prices per gallon of $4.04. They are the third state to receive the lowest average costs. 



One of United States’ top states, California recorded the highest average gas prices as of late. Each gallon is priced at a staggering $5.90. The state gas tax further worsened the situation with increasing prices by 3 cents on each gallon.



The surprise inclusion on the list, average gas prices in Hawaii are continuously increasing and now a gallon costs around $5.60 over there. Some government personnels state that excessive tourism is the reason as to why prices were increased in Hawaii. 


Another shocking candidate on this list is Alaska. Each gallon of gas is recorded at $5.35 there. Some suspect that even higher prices are being charged in Alaska’s different cities such as Fairbanks. It is also Alaska’s second largest city