Victims Of The Florida Condo Collapse Receive Settlement Of Around $1 Billion

A woman mourns at a memorial site created by neighbors in front of a partially collapsed residential building as the emergency crews continue the search and rescue operations for survivors, in Surfside, Fla., on July 3, 2021.

A Florida beachfront apartment collapsed last year, killing 98 people among all. Investigation in the accident area and more strict safety inspections demanded. Attorneys revealed on Wednesday that a class-action lawsuit filed by survivors. And the relatives of those who died in a Florida condo collapse resulted in a settlement of at least $997 million.


The accident occurred at Champlain Towers South in the town of Surfside, which locate north of Miami Beach, in June 2021. While residents were sleeping, a portion of the building collapsed, burying the victims under tons of rubble.

The Settlement Has Not Yet Been Finalized

The Miami-Dade Circuit court heard a hearing before announcing the roughly $1 billion settlement. Even though there will never be enough money to fully pay the victims, Harley Tropin. The plaintiffs’ attorney who put forth the settlement proposal, expressed hope that some measure of comfort will provide to the affected families. Final approval of the deal is still pending. The developers of a building next to the collapsed condo. As well as insurance firms name as defendants in the lawsuit.

 Florida condo collapse

Lawyers claimed that Champlain Towers South’s collapse partially cause by vibrations from surrounding construction. Although a final study on the disaster’s causes has not yet been made public. Preliminary research reveal that the building’s structural stability compromise in several areas. However, this was to compensate the owners of the condos. And not the relatives of those who passed away, the judge in the case previously approved an $83 million settlement in March.


What Happened When The Buildings Collapsed?

Many residents were asleep inside the 12-story building when it partially collapsed on the night of June 24, 2021. Only one teenager save and found alive in the hours of the florida condo collapse. Search and rescue teams focused on removing human remains from the mountain of debris and rubble in the days and weeks that followed the tragedy. There were 98 deaths in total. The tragedy prompted state and federal investigations concerning the 1981-built Champlain Towers South’s collapse. US Vice President Joe Biden also visited the disaster area and spoke with the families of the victims.

A committee of architects and engineers recommended last October. The state of Florida think about requiring safety inspections for multi-story buildings close to the beach every 20 years. A grand jury in Florida made several recommendations to stop such disasters a few months later in December, including more frequent inspections and improved waterproofing.