The 18th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Jessica Recksielder

Recksiedler, a judge in the 18th judicial circuit for more than a decade, had competed against John Mannion. She had run for reelection to the 18th judicial circuit, where she held this position. Let’s learn a little bit more about Judge Jessica Recksiedler, including who she is and her background in the legal field.


Who Is Jessica Recksiedler?

Recksiedler, 49, now serves as the 18th judicial circuit’s head judge. The circuit judge in Florida was twice elected to her position. She was initially chosen in 2010 and took office in January 2011. She received a second election in 2016. Brevard and Seminole are included in the 18th judicial circuit, where Recksiedler was raised and is now a resident with her family.

She Had Early Ambitions To Become A Judge:

According to Judge Recksiedler’s website, she was a judge from the time she was 12 years old. She discussed her early inspirations in an interview, revealing that a school assignment on American history was what ultimately inspired her to choose a career at such a young age. She said: “It was for a project on American history that looked at the constitution. In essence, that is when I decided I wanted to change the world by becoming a judge.

What About The Family Life Of Judge Recksiedler?

Recksiedler is wed to Jason, who is rumored to work in the legal profession. He is listed on the website of Florida’s First Choice Law as a partner and one of the organization’s founding members. When she was pursuing her law degree at Stetson University’s college of law, she first met her husband there. Jaclyn and Julianna are the couple’s two daughters, and they have been married for more than 20 years.


Results Of The Election For 18th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge:

 After working in the criminal and civil circuit court for more than ten years, Jessica Recksidler was chosen by her peers to serve as the 18th Judicial Circuit’s chief judge. In the Brevard primary, Recksiedler received 59.32% of the vote, while Mannion received 40.68%). With 82 out of 82 precincts reporting, Recksiedler received 54.45% of the vote in neighboring Seminole County compared to Mannion’s 45.55%.