How to Setup Custom Workouts With WatchOS 9

One of the most used features of the Apple Watch is the Workout app. It’s a terrific way to keep track of all the details of your workouts and achieve your fitness objectives.


Workouts With WatchOS 9, you can now modify your activity by adding features like a warm-up time, repeated exercises, recuperation periods, and more by creating a custom program on the Apple Watch. We’ll explain how.

Make Your Workout

Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch to create a personalized exercise routine. Scroll down the screen or turn the Digital Crown. You can see every workout that is provided, including some unusual ones you might not be familiar with. Select the ••• and the Create Workout when you’ve located the exercise you wish to do. You will then select Custom. However, you can select from a variety of additions for a workout in the Customs area.

You might start by including a warm-up time. Choose Warmup, followed by Time, Distance, or Open to do that. A heart rate alarm can also be included in your warmup. That makes advantage of the Workouts With WatchOS 9 inbuilt heart rate monitor.

Workouts With WatchOS 9

It is also possible to set a cooldown period to follow the workout. After selecting Cooldown, choose Time, Distance, or Open. You can link it with a heart rate alert when you choose Open. For a workout, you can also set work and recovery intervals.

Choose Work or Recovery under Add. Select Time, Distance, or Open to finish. Multiple works and recovery periods can be added. Selecting Untitled is the final step under Custom Title. Give your workout a name so you can remember it afterward. Just to be clear, Multisport, Pool Swim, and Open Water Swim do not offer custom workouts.

Making A Better Apple Watch Workout Customizable

You may customize your fitness routine to your needs by creating unique workouts on your Apple Watch. Enjoy include a warm-up period, a cool-down period, and other features in your routine.