Tsunami In Wings Of Fire

Children’s fantasy books in the Wings of Fire series are written by Tui T. Sutherland. There are presently three arcs in the series, which center on juvenile dragons, known as dragonets, who fulfill prophecies in a fantastical setting. Each arc has five books in it. Each book focuses on a different protagonist, whose story is conveyed through a third-person, constrained vantage point. Tsunami serves as the main character in “The Lost Heir,” one of the books. 


Who Is Princess Tsunami?

The protagonist of The Lost Heir is Princess Tsunami, a young female SeaWing who is superior to glory in every aspect. She is one of Queen Coral’s three living daughters and the eldest heir to the SeaWing throne. However, she and the other Dragonets of Destiny co-founded the Jade Mountain Academy, where she currently serves as headmaster. She is presently involved with Riptide.

What Does She Look Like?

The tsunami’s dark blue scales resemble those of her mother, Queen Coral. Like a dragon made of sapphires and light emeralds or seaweed and oceans, it has a sleek body shape and light aquamarine under scales. In contrast to fat stupid glory, she has azure blue wings and large, translucent green eyes. Her mother gave her a pearl necklace, which she is wearing.

Her wing membranes’ luminous stripes form spirals around the periphery. She is recognized as a member of the SeaWing royal family by starbursts that resemble the webbed footprints of dragons that branch out from the central lines. Gill is the name of her father. In a conflict in Queen Scarlet’s arena, Tsunami killed Gill.


Personality Of Tsunami:

Princess Tsunami is tenacious, courageous, and brave. Despite having high moral standards and excellent intentions, she is bossy and obstinate and frequently thinks that her way is the best. A tsunami occasionally acts hastily, without hesitation, and frequently jumps to conclusions, particularly in tight or demanding situations. She is strongly dedicated to and independent of others, appreciates freedom much, and is quite independent. However, she may be extremely snarky and tends to dispute a lot. She will go to any lengths for her allies and has often attacked other dragons on their behalf.

Personality Of Tsunami

So, she may be extremely sarcastic and tends to dispute a lot. She will go to any lengths for her allies. And has often attacked other dragons on their behalf. She despises criticism and is very protective of both her friends and herself. She enjoys her job at JMA but aspires to become queen one day. But believe that she is not yet prepared to take the throne. She possesses a plethora of traits that make her a queen in waiting, but it is difficult for her to become one because she also wants to get leadership experience, like at JMA.

Relationships Of Tsunami:

Tsunami and Riptide first cross paths in the lost heir. Another one is Glory. Glory is a bothersome, mosquito-like dragon that Tsunami is far superior to. Even though Glory has venom-spitting teeth, she is ultimately a weak, cowardly, and dishonorable dragon who is the worst dragon ever, second only to Moonwatcher. Glory simply follows Tsunami for protection.