Share Your Data From Everywhere Through Wi-Fi Router USB Port

Uses And Advantages Of Wi-Fi Router USB Port
Wi-Fi Router USB Port


Our today article topic is very interesting because the topic we choose is very interesting. After all, after reading the title of the topic you may know what we discuss in this article. So, have you ever looked at the back side of your router? And think that is why the company put the USB port on the back side of the router. Like what is the purpose of this router port? I will tell you the benefits and advantages of this router USB and also tell you the reason why the company put it on the backside.


Purpose of Router USB port.

The main purpose of the USB port is to allow different devices to be connected. The main use of the post is you can connect an external storage device or any printer. After that, they can be accessible to different devices over a wireless connection.

Uses of USB Port in Router:

1. Network Attached Storage (NAS):

1. Network Attached Storage (NAS):

We all know that there is a normal way of sharing multiple files in our home and you have to send the email to someone with attachments. You can upload that files to Google Drive and then download all these files and then depend on the flash drive to walk it over to them.

All process is pretty good but it is not efficient because there is a very easy way besides this that you can follow. You need to make a Network Attached storage because the USB router post allows it. NAS is a hard drive that you can share with other people on that network and it is also readable.


You can also have a security built-in which is based on the access level or you can also able to read and write in some places. Maybe you will have no access at all so you have to balance your important files’ honor and the security of the file.

2. Attach a printer:

As I mentioned above you can connect the printer to the USB printer. The use of a printer with that port is not common these days because the modern printer can attach to your wireless home network. It will also give better flexibility and also you can be placed it on the router. While other old printers can be connected through a USB connection. 

There is a great advantage of connecting a printer to the USB router physically it will help you to print something easily. You can connect multiple devices to that print or you can buy multiple printers. After the printer is connected to the USB port it will be the print server.


It will not just save the cost of your buying printers but the wireless printers are also expensive in the market if you want to purchase them. But it will also create a printer much less painful for everyone in the household.

3. Media Server:

3. Media Server:

There is other router software that will convert the NAS to a media server. The main purpose of the media server is to upload music, videos, and photos or they will be able on different devices. Devices such as Computers, Smart TVs, and other devices are around your network. If you wondering how you can do it then simply connect the external hard drive by plugging it into the back side of the router. After that, you have to go to the router software and build the external storage and finally, you are finished and good to go.

4. Power charging is low:

The USB port will not be able to charge high devices which need a large power input. But the USB port will be able to charge your phone. This can be useful when you don’t want to plug the charger into your phone or you don’t want to over-charge your device.

5. Backups through the USB Port of the Router:

You know there is a thing that we do daily but we forget to do that you know what it is? The thing is we only remember when we need to recover/backup something. The USB port on the back side of your router will do this in a very efficient way and easily. To do that, you need to connect your external drive of your to the USB port of the router. 

After that, open your personal computer and set the software that will able to backup automatically everything on your computer. It means all the folders or files that you want to backup simply select and then the backup of that files and folders will start. You have an external hard drive, a personal computer, and the USB port of the router what else do you need now to do it, man?

6. Connect your Modem:

6. Connect your Modem:

There is a bit tricky because all the routers cannot do this. For those people whose routers take the cellular 4G modem can easily connect their modem to the router’s Wi-Fi. You have to plug your modem Cellular 4G into the USB port of the router and used it by connecting to the internet.

You can also compose it in that way, if the internet service will down someway then the modem 4G will automatically start and the internet on your connected devices cannot be stopped. In simple words, when the internet gets down it automatically switches to the modem and then your mobile internet similarly switches to the modem.

It is also possible that you connect the modem with a router and you want to use just modem 4G and the internet will shut down. This is only accessible in those places where the mobile internet is faster than Wi-Fi. Make sure you have a large number of GBs in your package because it will eat your data quickly.

USB Router Port Advantages over NAS

Ease of use: Compared to a NAS, routers that come with a storage device are often simpler to set up and manage.

Affordability: A high-quality router with a built-in USB port, the ability to host a storage device, and the ability to host a high-capacity USB hard drive will frequently be less expensive to purchase than just the NAS itself.

Compatibility: A router with attached storage is more likely to be compatible with the gadgets in your home than a NAS, which may not support all of your devices.

Speed: Several routers may support rates of up to 1 Gbps, however, NAS devices are sometimes only capable of USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 speeds, so you’d be lucky to see 150 MBPS on a NAS.


A Router USB Port is very beneficial for a user if they get to know the features and advantages of that USB port. Like most people do their backups from laptops but they can’t think about USB ports. People use modem 4G devices separately but they can’t attach the modem to the router.

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