What Is Decision Paralysis?

Decision paralysis also known as Analysis Paralysis or Choice Paralysis kicks in at the time of an imminent decision. Usually when you have to sort things out quickly and divide tasks but don’t know how to start, where to start, and what to get grips with next. 


Whilst you’re stuck in a confusing realm of your own, you can easily conquer it by applying some simple methods. We will discuss some of them later on in the text. 

What Is Decision Paralysis?

Every person has experienced decision paralysis at some point in their life. It mostly occurs when you have to start from scratch from a massive list. Sometimes it may say Ciao to you when you’re on the verge of making a big life decision. While at some points you might not even be able to decide what to order from the menu at a restaurant. 

Decision paralysis describes an individual lacking the ability to decide management and overanalyzing or overthinking a certain situation. This then causes the decision-making process to become paralyzed, subsequently meaning that no course of action is decided within the given time frame. In simpler words, you get overwhelmed with the options in front of you and then paralyze yourself from making any progress. 


According to some studies, the average person is expected to make 35,000 conscious and blurred decisions each day. While the new era of freedom of choice has been widely accepted amongst individuals, psychologist Barry Shwartz thinks otherwise. Shwartz explains that the present-day “Paradox of Choices” has made people feel more paralysed rather than free and at peace. 

What Causes Decisions Paralysis?

Decision paralysis is normally faced by each person and it mostly can result from being overloaded with options and tasks. The lower terms that cause decision paralysis can be increasing workload, daily additions of stressors, and the human psychological desire to make the best and most right choices at each time. Sometimes even the most basic choices will get the better of you. For example, you might worry too much whilst buying a microwave for your kitchen. 

How To Fix Decision Paralysis?

There are some simple methods in order to beat and fix your decision paralysis. 


1. Embrace It

It’s not a bad thing to think through big choices and their potential impact on your life. Its understandable for a human to get overwhelmed in the face of various options. And you must choose the correct one out of them. However if you feel all of those options have noticeable merits, you should consider each one on an equal scale. 

2. Make Small Choices Quickly 

If you struggle from making each decision with a lot of consideration then you must learn how to make small and insignificant decisions quickly. We know this might make you feel petrified but the more you practice, the more sound you become. You may as well start from the littlest of things such as picking up a restaurant to eat dinner at without reading reviews of it online. You might face some sort of anxiety but let it get through you. 

3. Trust Your Instincts 

Not everyone feels the same way about their instincts but they might serve you well if trusted upon. Instinct is a concept that doesn’t rely on logic but on situations, experiences, and emotions. If you’re someone who spends most of their relying on logic and studies then you might develop many doubts regarding each decision. Each person has a different way of going about things so you must have faith in yourself and go with the flow sometimes. 

Can Overthinking Cause Decisions Paralysis?

Overthinking remains the primary factor when suffering from decision paralysis. It further breaks into two terms, overanalyzing and over-intellectualizing. Overthinking leads to the process of decision paralysis and in order to refrain from it, you must follow the aforementioned guidelines.