What Is The Facebook Business Suite

Facebook launched a new app only designated for making life easier for business owners. The purpose of the app is to allow businesses to operate through a sole platform and manage their profiles across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. 


The Facebook Business Suite allows owners to access their business’ key issues and priorities to form scheduled posts on Instagram and Facebook. Viewing insights and creating ads is a plus point as well. To successfully use the Business Suite app, owners will first have to link their profiles. 

The Facebook Business Suite

For mobile users, the already existing Pages Manager app would rather suggest them to join Facebook Business Suite instead. The app will be made available for download on iOS and Android as well. You can also access the platform through your desktop via 

As soon as you’re inside the app, you’ll be able to view important headlines. For Instance messages, alerts and comments taking place on your Facebook or Instagram profile. You can also place personalised saved replies on the app in order to answer everyday queries of the customers. 


The app also offers tools for creating and scheduling posts on both Facebook and Instagram. It also provides deep insight analysis regarding the well-being of your page. The insight analysis will provide you a deep paradigm on how efficiently your page is reaching others and engagement analysis are also a great help. You can also create ads to further boost that engagement and attract more traffic towards your page. 

Help The Niches

Facebook although made it clear that the reason for a secluded app is to aid the small business. The pandemic impacted almost each business and the smaller ones had to look for other ways to sell their products and services online. However in the longer run, the app is designed to help almost each business and offer tools that can be of help. Business Suite will also look to combine WhatsApp in their operation as well. 

Facebook also provided some surveys to state the insights of smaller businesses. In accordance with OECD and the World Bank, Facebook found that businesses that make 25% of their sales online are more likely to be showcasing exceptional sales the following year. 


Due to the pandemic, most of the shopping was done online and a survey revealed that the surge has increased by almost 40% now. The purchasing patterns have certainly changed. 

Facebook is looking to help each and every business this time around. The Facebook Suite will combine the features of other Facebook apps as well such as Pages Manager and Facebook Analytics.