When Was Technology Invented? The Beginning

The world has excelled in the technological department as of today. Countless of groundbreaking inventions have been made in the tech sector. Things are looking more and more advanced and there’s no room for stopping now. But have you ever wondered where did it all start? If you don’t know, read the text below to find out.


First Ever Technological Invention

The first ever technological invention was the lower Palaeolithic, Handaxe. It was first discovered about nearly two million years ago. This handaxe was found in Tanzania, Africa. 

This was mainly used for chopping down things and other similar tools were also discovered by the stone age people. Many million-year-old tools are currently present in the British Museum for display. 

The upper sides of the handaxe were sliced through with the help of another stone in order to get the sharp edge. This handaxe could be used to even chop off an entire tree. Cutting the meat of animals and smashing bones was an everyday ritual in that time. 


Some of you might be fuming about how this stone can be the first tech invention. It might have just fallen off a mountain.

Precise Shaping

Well, the answer to that question is that the shape of the handaxe was closely designed by the people of that time. If you look closer at the stone, you will see that skillful strokes from another sharp tool were made to get it into this type of shape. 

Such tools applicable for chopping, from the early African times, were called Oldowan by Louis Leakey, an archaeologist. He found his first handaxe in 1931 – when he was asked upon an expedition by the British Museum. 


Surprisingly, handaxes were still highly popular some 500,000 years ago. Due to the surge in demand, people started selling and trading them. By that time, their usage was considered essential throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. Also during some recent excavations near Korea, people found traces of the handaxes. To be fair, no other historical artifact has been known to have such high importance and popularity over 4 different continents. 

Handaxes were actively used by the ancient people for chopping, cutting, and working. They always held it in their hands while using it and this might have been the idea of how we use tools nowadays. As you must know that languages started developing gradually as we came forward. The same can be said for this stone. Craftsmanship has just been developed but the problems of people are still the same.