Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week Mud Pit Show Stuns The Internet

When Balenciaga decided to hold its Paris Fashion Week display under a muddy pit, it recently confused online users. Balenciaga is known for its unconventional ideas. But on Sunday, some Paris Fashion Week attendees were confused when the upscale fashion house forced its models to walk down a mud-splattered catwalk to introduce their spring/summer 2023 collection. On social media, a number of videos and pictures from the fashion show showed models squelching through the thick mud. Including Kanye West and Bella Hadid. Kanye West was seen in a video posted by Balenciaga to Instagram wearing leather pants. An oversized flak jacket, and a baseball cap with a hood.


Some Online Users Jokes About The Mud Theme:

The showcase confused social media users, some of whom even claimed it resembled a “social experiment gone bad.” One person commented, “Imagine being a part of the Balenciaga SS23 and realising you had to walk in mud.” Another said, “I know it smells strange in there, but Balenciaga is doing a mud fashion show.” Another added, “Actually, Balenciaga was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The muck they were trudging in made them all appear as though they were about to go berserk and start eating it. I feel isolated in feeling this way about it.”A fourth person said, “I’m convinced that high fashion. And Balenciaga in particular, is a social experiment designed to see how far they can push an inside joke into the public mind without being discovered.”

 Paris Fashion Week

Some Online Users Find It Interesting And Novel:

However, other online users also found the idea of using mud to be “interesting.” One Twitter user stated, “You can always bank on them for having fascinating sets.”

Remarks of The Creative Director Of Balenciaga

Denma, the creative director of Balenciaga, reportedly told that the performance was a “symbol for looking for the truth and being down to earth” in the meantime. He added in a statement that “individualism in fashion demoted to fake trends dictated by a post on tales of some celebrity of the day. Fashion in its best case scenario should not need to be sold to anyone through a narrative. Let us let everyone be anyone. Demna continued, “I’ve made the decision to stop verbalising my designs and collections in favour of expressing a state of mind. “All we need for fashion to be a visual art is for it to be viewed through someone else’s eyes. If you don’t like it, “He declared.