5 Secret Of Happy And Healthy Life: Exercise And Physical Activities

5 Secret Of Happy And Healthy Life Exercise And Physical Activities
5 Secret Of Happy And Healthy Life Exercise And Physical Activities
5 Secret to a Happy and Healthy Life: Exercise and Physical Activities


Regular Exercise and physical activities are very important for your health. To maintain your physicist you have to exercise and do regular activities. Most of people don’t know about the benefits of exercise and physical activities on your health. So, today in this article we will tell you the benefits of exercise and physical activities on your health.


Let’s see a definition of exercise, the movements that make your muscles work physically and allow your body to burn calories. There are many types of physical activities that are including running, jogging, dancing, swimming, and dancing much more.

If you are active and physical it will have many benefits for your health and mental. It also helps you even longer. The benefits are not only on your physical health but it will impact your life. If you are physically active it will also improve your brain health, lower the risk of disease and strengthen your muscles and bones. It will also increase your ability to your physical activities.

Here are the benefits of exercise and physical activities that will increase your health.

1. Exercise can maintain your weight loss:

Exercise can maintain your weight loss

Doing regular exercise and physical activities can maintain your weight loss. There is some research that is done on physical activities and exercise. The research and studies show that if you can’t do exercise and physical activities your weight will increase. If you want to see the impact of physical and regular exercise on your health then it is important to know the relationship between energy and exercise. There are also some effects of fast food on health like it will increase your blood pressure.

  • The energy in your body can be spent in three ways:
  • Regular exercise
  • Digest food
  • Maintain your body function like breathing and heartbeat.

When you are dieting it will reduce your calories which will also decrease the metabolic rate which can delay your weight loss for few time. But if you do regular exercise then it will increase your metabolic rate and your body will burn calories and your weight also decrease. The studies said that if you combine resistance training with aerobic exercise it will maximize fat loss and muscle mass. As a result of that, this is important for keeping your weight off and maintaining your muscle mass.

2. Exercise can feel you happy and better:

Exercise can feel you happy and better

By doing regular exercise, your mood will be better and it will decrease the anxiety and depression in your life. It also creates changes in your body parts that conduct stress and anxiety. Exercise can also increase the brain sensitivity in your body that connect to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine.

In addition, Exercise can also increase the production of endorphins in your body. Which will help to create positive feelings and lower the pain in your body. No matter how much exercise you are doing or how much time you did it, it will benefit you and your body.


Also, exercise can feel better and there is a smile on your face with no tension. Your mood will be fine for even a short time period because of exercise.

3. Skin health gets better:

Skin health gets better

Because of oxidative stress, your skin also gets affected because it will occur the antioxidant defenses which cannot repair the cell that is damaged. The cell is damaged because of the caused by compounds which are also called free radicals. It will also affect negatively your skin and damaged the hierarchy of your skin. 

In addition, extreme and complete physical activity can supply oxidative damage. Regular moderate exercise also increases the natural antioxidants in your body which will protect your damaged cells and keep your appearance younger.  Exercise and physical activity can also provoke the induced cell adaptations and blood flow that will help to stop the skin aging appearance.

4. Boost your energy:

 Boost your energy:

Get frustrated by doing duties and grocery shopping? Don’t worry because regular exercise can increase your strength of muscle and also increase your power.

In addition, Exercise also provides the nutrients and oxygen to your tissues that will help your cardiovascular system to work better and more efficiently. As a result, when the health of your heart and lung improves it will boost your energy and you will fight your daily frustration.

5. Your bones and muscles get strengthened:

Your bones and muscles get strengthened

According to your age of yours, it’s important to keep your bones, joints, and muscles because they support your body and also help you to move. If your bones, muscles, and joints are healthy and active then you will able to do your daily activities and remain physically active.

If you do weight lifting in the gym then it will also increase and maintain your muscle mass and strength. It is important for that adult person who is doing experience to lower their muscles and strength are aging. When you increase the amount of weight and number of repetitions with your muscle part strengthen activities it will also give you few benefits. In that case, your age doesn’t matters. 

Some Immediate benefits of physical activities:

When you did a session of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity then after that you will get benefits on your brain health. The benefits are like this: for the ages of 6 years to 13 years, your ability of thinking is increased and it will lower anxiety and depression for the temporary and short term. The other benefit of regular physical activity is that it will keep your learning, thinking, and judgment skills sharp. These also help you to lower the risk of anxiety and depression so you will sleep better at night in your home.


Regular exercise and physical activities are important to maintain your health and will give you many benefits in your daily life. There are some benefits of these exercises that I mentioned in these articles.

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