The Outer Range- Where Is It Filmed?

The latest mind-bending sci-fi Western we can’t stop talking about is called The Outer Range. Josh Brolin plays Wyoming rancher and father Royal Abbott in the suspenseful Prime Video movie. Abbott is struggling to maintain his land. He faces opposition from his neighbors, an enigmatic stranger camped on his property, and other unknown forces. The show’s broad scenery holds viewers’ attention even though the plot is interesting enough. The sequences were not shot in the little Wyoming community where the program is set.


Where Is The Outer Range Filmed?

 Outer Range, a new Western thriller TV series on Prime Video with a supernatural edge, doesn’t venture too far west to get those ideal shots, unlike the vast views of green hills and flat landscapes that are so common in western plays.

Where Was It Filmed?

The newest Amazon Studios production is like Twin Peaks crossed with The X-Files and Yellowstone. Although the neo-Western thriller is set in Amelia County, Wyoming, the majority of Outer Range was shot in New Mexico.

Josh Brolin’s character Rancher Royal Abbott, who plays the villainous Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the center of this paranormal tale. After the mysterious young woman Autumn, played by Imogen Poots, arrives on Abbott’s property, he finds a weird black hole. Welcome to Amelia County and our essentially spoiler-free guide to the Outer Range filming locations.

The Outer Range

Amelia County Village:

Bridge Street in Las Vegas, NM served as the model for the main street of the Amelia County village with the adorable Kiva Theater. These structures are just as cool as they seem in the series; for once, there is hardly any CGI and few companies were decorated for the shoot.

The Community 1st Bank at 518 Douglas Avenue, also in Las Vegas, served as the location for the Bison Valley Bank of Wyoming branch. However, Las Vegas, a stunning town founded in 1835 and around 122 miles (196 km) northeast of Albuquerque, has retained several 19th-century historical structures.

Dinner Scene:

Odessa’s café at 516 Grand Avenue, also in Las Vegas, is the restaurant where Rhett (played by Lewis Pullman). And Maria (Isabel Arraiza) first meet in “The Void,” the first episode.


Would You Like To Have A Drink At The Handsome Gambler With Lonesome Perry?

Although the interior appears to have been constructed at the I-25 Studios in Albuquerque. The exterior of this bar is located at 123 Bridge Street. However, a film crew van can be seen in front of the fictional Wabang Drugs drugstore from episode 3. “The Time,” on Google Street View from March 2021.